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1/7/2014        New Product announcement: Hub City HubFlex Coupling


The HubFlexTM Shaft Coupling made in the USA, is one of the easiest and least expensive couplings to install, maintain, and repair. A complete coupling consists of 2 hubs, available in carbon or stainless steel, a urethane split insert (choose from 5 types), and a cover – either a slide over cover held in by a snap ring or a horizontally split

cover for extreme torque applications.

Once you have correctly selected and properly installed a HubFlexTM coupling, the split insert is all you should have to replace. Replacement of the insert is easy and your equipment can be back up and running in minutes! Once the hubs are installed, they never need to be moved again. Remove only the cover, replace the insert, re-install the cover, and you are ready to GO!

The HubFlexTM advantages:

• Fast and easy insert replacement.

• Low maintenance.

• Minimal downtime.

• No lubrication required.

• Urethane inserts available from Standard Duty to eXtreme Duty, High

Temperature, and Food Grade.

• Can be installed vertically.

• Compact.

• The teeth on the hubs do not touch or overlap thus if the insert fails, you do not have metal to metal contact that will potentially destroy

the hubs.

• Reversing applications.

• No realignment required after insert replacement.

• We use PM material – a

Green Technology.


11/1/2013      Launch of our new Website


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